Actelis’ new range of ultra-fast broadband amplifiers provide carriers with an alternative solution for end customers who require high bandwidths or suffer from lower than expected bandwidths. By installing Actelis' UF-BBAs mid-span on 35B or lines the coverage or bandwidths can be substantially increased, thus providing a cost-effective alternative to installing mini-DSLAM/DPUs near customer premises.

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Broadband in Under an Hour - Actelis UF-BBA are compact outside plant hardened and install in minutes.  Due to their exceptionally small size (144/85/53 mm  5.6/3.3/2.1 inches)  the UF-BBA can be easily installed inside of cabinets and pedestals.  UF-BBA supports both line and express powering.

Actelis UF-BBA amplifiers can be deployed in both single as well as cascaded amplifier configurations significantly extending coverage.

Actelis UF-BBA offer Seamless interoperability with any DPU/CPE devices as well as full interoperability with vectoring & bonding.


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 * Results can vary based on actual channel conditions (crosstalk, other interferes in the cable & other impairments)


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