Ethernet Access Devices: ML650/ML650S EAD

The ML650 Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) from Actelis Networks® enable simultaneous delivery of E1/T1s (MEF 8 CESoETH) and high-speed carrier Ethernet services. With up to 4 E1/T1s and 100 Mbps of fiber-quality symmetrical Ethernet traffic over existing copper pairs, the ML650 EADs provide a cost-effective solution for Mobile, DSLAM, MSAP, BLC and PBX backhaul applications. Available in 4 and 8 copper pairs and fiber configurations, the ML650 EADs can be deployed in a Point-to-Point configuration or as the CPE in an Ethernet Point-to-Multipoint configuration with Actelis’ EFM aggregation platforms.With its superior performance and extensive functionality, the ML650 EADs offer rapid service delivery over a converged Ethernet facility, allowing for complete future-proof utilization of the existing network infrastructure.

The ML650 introduces a novel resilient clocking solution with timing accuracy better than that provided by traditional E1/T1 circuits. This solution complies with wander and jitter requirements of ITU-T G.823/G.824 for synchronization interfaces. Actelis has developed this advanced clock transmission mechanism to eliminate all carrier concerns related to clock recovery over pseudo wire. This unique architecture ensures that the ML650 provides Actelis’ customers with the best clock accuracy and reliability of any copper-based backhaul solution. The ML650 supports various clock interfaces such as synchronous Ethernet (over copper or fiber), E1/T1, and 2MHz.

The Actelis ML650 EAD is the first copper-based solution that can truly support a comprehensive and seamless migration strategy for wireless backhaul. With its definitive solution to the clock synchronization problem, Actelis’ ML650 is finally enabling wireless backhaul providers to fully utilize the copper networks using Ethernet and pseudo wire technology to complement and/or replace traditional E1/T1 backhaul circuits. ML650 EAD models provide 802.1q VLAN-aware wirespeed bridging, double tagging (VLAN stacking) for end-user VLAN transparency, L2 (Ethernet priority) and L3 (ToS/Diff-Serv) classification with 8 traffic classes, RSTP/STP, bandwidth monitoring, Multicast/Broadcast limiting, 2Base-TL rate limiting and Link Aggregation (LAG) on all Ethernet ports, as well as IGMP snooping for video distribution applications. The ML650 lets service providers create an intelligent Ethernet access edge with advanced bandwidth control and traffic management features that are fully compliant with MEF 9, 14 and 18 specifications.

The ML650 enables flexible service provisioning using Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs) and Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities that maximize the efficiency of access bandwidth and strictly enforce Service Level Agreements for each subscriber and class of service, allowing service providers to safely aggregate multiple services or multiple subscribers on the same access port.

Implementing the IEEE 802.3ah-2004 (EFM) long-reach, Ethernet over copper specification, the ML650 EAD bonds up to 8 copper pairs together to create a 2Base-TL aggregated link. The systems support current and evolving Ethernet QoS requirements and have the highest available packet throughput efficiency. Powered by Actelis Networks’ award-winning EFMplus™ technology, the Rate, Reach and Reliability, or what we refer to as The 3 R’s of EFM™”, are increased significantly using advanced Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) and Dynamic Spectral Shaping (DSS) techniques.This technology doubles the rate/reach in real-world field deployments. The ML650 EAD can be used with Actelis’ XR239 EFM Repeaters to increase the loop length using remote powering units, PFU-8 or PFU-8X.

The ML650 EADs provide proactive and dynamic tools for enhanced trouble shooting and monitoring capabilities. Advanced Carrier-class EFM OAM, including 802.3ah, CFM (802.1ag) and Y.1731 (ITU), are incorporated, offering both physical link as well as service level end-to-end advanced troubleshooting mechanisms. The ML650 EAD platforms can be managed In- and Out-of-Band by the MetaASSIST™ View graphical craft application and via the multiplatform Element Management System, MetaASSIST EMS. The management protocols include standard TL1 command line interface and SNMP using standard MIBs for seamless integration with third-party Network Management Systems (NMS).

ML650 Highlights

  • E1/T1 replacement with high precision synchronization
  • MEF 8 CESoETH, MEF 9, 14 & 18 Certified
    • Low CESoETH Delay
    • Standards-based IEEE 802.3ah EFM 2Base-TL transport
    • Various Synchronization interfaces, including T1/E1, 2MHz and Synchronous Ethernet
    • Hybrid access device offering – 4 E1/T1 , 4 Copper based Ethernet  and 2 Optical Ethernet (SFP) interfaces
    • Rapid Service Deployment
    • Superior Rate, Reach & Reliability
    • Carrier-class OAM
    • Worldwide Spectral Compliance

ML650 Applications

  • Leased Lines Replacement
  • Seamless Migration from all TDM to all Ethernet / Packet
    • 2G and 3G backhaul
    • 4G LTE backhaul
    • DSLAM/MSAP/BLC backhaul
    • WiMAX backhaul
    • WiFi backhaul
    • PBX backhaul

Markets Served Mobile Operators, RBOCs, PTTs, Independent Operators, Competitive Operators

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