Industries are constantly seeking ways to reduce costs and increase their competitiveness to grow their business both domestically and internationally.  As a result, IT network spending remains important, yet very tight, as IT CIOs seek lower cost solutions for delivering high quality services to all employees and sites, even those that are remote.

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Copper is the most prevalent networking technology on the planet but has traditionally been limited to delivering relatively low bandwidth e.g. 1.5Mbps over two copper pairs with a T1/E1 access.  Actelis offers a revolutionary way to maximize copper, enabling the same copper pair to now deliver 30Mbps, and up to 100+Mbps with bonded pairs, which is more than adequate for most of these sites that have previously been served by nxT1/E1.   With high speed access to corporate systems, servers and services, remote industrial sites can now realize the same benefits of employees at larger facilities, enabling increased productivity for those workers and benefitting the company as a whole.