Actelis’ Business Ethernet Services solution enables operators to accelerate time to market and:

  • Reaches throughout the metro to SMB buildings using already available copper infrastructure
  • Extends service out to SMB customers more quickly and easily than fiber or microwave
  • Delivers Nx10 Mbps services to customers or up to 100’s of Mbps per building over bonded copper with easy migration to 1 Gbps over fiber.
  • Eliminates the need for permits and building owner permission for fiber construction
  • Bypasses the expense of costly trenching of new fiber
  • Requires no line of site or tower at the CO as required by microwave
  • Utilizes existing in-building cable without requiring expensive re-wiring of the riser
  • Enables mass strategic builds of Ethernet services to SMBs quickly
  • Offering  1 Gbps and up to 10 Gbps with Actelis ML500x fiber solutions
  • Support co-existence and efficient transmission of both legacy E1/T1, V.35 and Ethernet services

Bottom Line Impact for Service Providers

  • Combats the loss of Ethernet and Cloud service revenues to cable operators
  • Allows for the “End of Life” of costly NxT1/E1 and V.35 services with easy migration
  • Reduces significantly the CapEx investment needed to reach SMBs
  • Results in a profitable business case for serving SMBs with Ethernet services
  • Creates lucrative retail, wholesale, Carrier Ethernet, and “better than best effort” services
  • Takes advantage of the rapidly growing  demand from SMBs
  • Enables offering and bundling a variety of operator or partner-provided Cloud services
  • Enables profitable single-customer delivery or “bandwidth to the building” strategies that further enhance profitability