Actelis is the industry market leader in Ethernet over Copper, offering superior Layer 1 transmission technology and competitive Layer 2 capabilities that enable service operators to.

  • Reaches more SMB customers throughout the metro with more bandwidth
  • Gets the most performance out of any link
  • Overcomes challenging noise and copper quality environments
  • Uses fewer pairs to take any given amount of bandwidth any given distance than EFM over Copper competitors
  • Ensures the highest reliability and service availability
  • Offer a full suite of differentiated wholesale and retail services

How we do it

  • Unrivalled  expertise in noise profiling, recognition, prioritization and mitigation
  • Market-leading impulse protection and dynamic crosstalk cancellation
  • Advanced dynamic spectral shaping techniques
  • Coordinated link calibration
  • Transient protection
  • The market leading EFMplus™ suite of transmission technologies
  • Dynamic Rate Balancing