Business Ethernet -
Why It Is Important

  • SMBs are eagerly consuming high speed Ethernet and Cloud services
  • Although each customer represents a relatively small individual demand, there are literally tens of millions of SMBs on each of several continents generating huge revenues.
  • Running fiber out to serve them is too expensive and time consuming, plus the cost of trenching, permits and rights of way can add up to 100s of thousands of U.S. dollars or Euros per mile, and SMBs are located throughout the metro.
  • Microwave is not the answer because SMB building wiring typically does not enable “roof-down” service delivery, and there are often problems getting line of site from the CO.
  • SMBs unable to get high speed Ethernet from their incumbent service provider have been turning in growing numbers to cable operators, resulting in a loss of Ethernet access revenues, account incumbency, and the opportunity to bundle lucrative Cloud services.
  • A quicker and more cost effective way to build reliable, high performance, high speed Ethernet services to SMBs is required – and broadband over copper from Actelis Networks is the answer.
  • Supporting legacy services such as E1/T1 and V.35 with easy and cost effective migration to Ethernet. PWE is used for efficient transport of these legacy services.