Actelis Networks ML2300N product line offers a compact and cost-effective Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) mini-aggregation solution for low-pair count and space constrained locations.  Using ML2300N carriers can effectively aggregate both Ethernet/IP services as Legacy TDM based services.

The ML2300N operates in a Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP) topology, connecting multiple ML600 Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) each delivering symmetrical Ethernet services as well as legacy E1 and V.35 services to remote subscribers/locations over multiple copper pairs. ML2300N product line includes the ML2316N and ML2332N as detailed on the table below.

The ML600 EADs are connected to the ML2300N via a High Speed Link (HSL) that is comprised of 1-16 bonded copper pairs.  Any combination of copper pairs per HSL/s can be configured.

The ML2300N bonds copper pairs together to create a 2Base-TL link implementing the standard IEEE 802.3ah-2004 (EFM) long-reach Ethernet-over-Copper specification.  ML2300N incorporates Actelis’ EFMplus and DRB technologies allowing carriers to offer higher bandwidth per pair and longer reach per service in real world environments along with the most stable and reliable transmission links in the industry.

ML2300N are CE 2.0 compliant solutions offering advanced Ethernet QoS features along with comprehensive OAM capabilities and guaranteed spectral compliance. In addition the ML2300N offer synchronization capabilities such as Stratum3 internal clock as well as support for SyncE and can be used in frequency clock domain distribution over Ethernet and HSL.

ML2300N product line offers a cost effective and rapidly deployable solution for space constrained and low density areas.  It enables easy integration into existing carrier/enterprise networks.  ML2300N simplifies deployment, provisioning and troubleshooting to enable high service availability and reliability, as well as efficient pro-active management tools to optimize time to market and minimize service downtime.

ML2300N can be flexibly deployed in Point-to-Multi-Point or Drop and Continue scenarios with Actelis ML600 EADs.  Actelis’ XR239 repeaters can be used to extend reach and rate of services offered off the ML2300N. Up to 16 HSLs can be supported by the ML2316N, up to 32 by the ML2332N.


ML2300N table